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and give that child hope for a better future.

Lawyers for Children America is a unique vehicle for leveraging significant resources on behalf of vulnerable children and youth with a very modest infrastructure.  Since its inception, Lawyers for Children America has provided pro bono advocacy services to over 1,300 children.  There are, however, many more abused and neglected children in need of legal services.  Your support will enable Lawyers for Children America to reach some of the children with effective legal advocacy.

It is estimated that for every dollar donated to the program, Lawyers for Children America leverages almost ten additional dollars from the legal community, thereby dramatically increasing not only the number of children who can be served, but also the time, quality and commitment devoted to each child.

Financial contributions help to sustain Lawyers for Children America’s work, including recruiting and training attorneys for abused and neglected children, developing and conducting quality training programs, providing ongoing consultation to the volunteer attorneys to ensure that the best interests of children are served, strengthening the child welfare system by participating in various systems reforms and court committee work.

Lawyers for Children America is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization supported primarily through financial donations from foundations, corporations and individuals. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permited by United States law. Please give to our work.  Together, we can improve the lives of abused and neglected children.

You can donate to Lawyers for Children America in several ways:

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If you wish to learn more about planned gifts to Lawyers for Children America or you would like details regarding how to make a donation to our work, please contact Ms. Pappadia at 860/273-0441.

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