"One of the reasons that I became an attorney was to be an advocate for
those in need.  While I did not pursue this practice at the beginning of
my career, I was fortunate to find LFCA which provides me with
opportunities to help children who are going through Connecticut's child
protection system.  As an LFCA attorney, I have represented clients who
are at a vulnerable and critical time in their lives because of complex
family situations.  And while I have focused upon my clients' present
needs, I know also that my representation has the potential to bring
about positive changes in their futures.  Working with LFCA reminds me
of all that we can accomplish as attorneys as well as the responsibility
we have to dedicate our time to those most in need."

 - Attorney Christine A. Baily, Day Berry & Howard LLP

  You Can Make a Difference

Become a Volunteer Attorney
Lawyers for Children America offers attorneys a unique opportunity to participate in meaningful pro bono work on behalf of abused and neglected children.  Volunteers participate in a required multi-disciplinary training session on legal representation for children.  Throughout the year, Lawyers for Children America conducts additional seminars and workshops on effective advocacy for children and on such topics as domestic violence, special education and child development.  In addition to the training and follow-up seminars and workshop, the Lawyers for Children America program staff provides extensive, on-going support to all volunteer attorneys.  This support may take many forms, including case consultation, accompaniment to court hearings and visits with their child, and on-going information and instruction on how to access community resources to address each child’s unique needs.

Volunteer attorneys improve the lives of the children they represent. Call an local LFCA office to learn more about the training opportunities in your community or email:



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