Case Profiles - Meet Jeremy & Jonathan

Jeremy and Jonathan*
Already from a broken and impoverished home, 9-year-old Jeremy and 11-year-old Jonathan, were eventually abandoned by their father and left to their own care.  Reported to the authorities by neighbors, the boys were discovered alone, out of school, afraid and in need of basic social services.   Their father or mother could not be found, and no relatives would agree to care for the boys.  While the child welfare agency looked for a foster home, their LFCA volunteer attorney bonded with the siblings.  He asked them all sorts of questions about their interests, the people in their lives as well as about individuals they felt they could trust and feel safe with.  With the consent of the boys, the volunteer attorney then approached the parents of Jeremy’s best friend and asked if they might be willing to take care of the siblings as foster parents.  The couple agreed, and the volunteer attorney was successful in petitioning the court to allow the placement.  The brothers were able to stay together, start school, and are now thriving in a caring and safe home environment with individuals they know and trust.

* Note: Not real names.

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