Frequently Asked Questions
  Bonus Rewards Program

Dear LFCA Volunteers & Friends,

The following is information about a new program for LFCA with  LFCA, with our 400+ volunteers, is in a unique position to raise significant funds through this program. We designed a Visa card just for LFCA, pictured below. There is no annual fee for the card.  For each approved and activated application, the bank donates $50.00 to LFCA! Many non-profits have used this card system and have found fundraising success.  If each of you apply and activate your card through an initial purchase, LFCA will receive $20,000!  LFCA will also receive from the bank .3% of all subsequent purchases.

Please take the few minutes necessary to apply for the card, and if you merely use it for one purchase, you have earned $50 for LFCA.

To apply or find more information, you can click the link through the e-mail or just visit . You can apply online or print out a mail-in application if you prefer.


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